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's overwhelming popularity of latino men and women. and i don't include this on the table, but there is a gender gap among the 10 catholics. the two men are less likely to support obama and women but generally speaking the vast majority of latino men are supporting obama. what's driving this is immigration. for latino voters the economy was the first issue most important, but immigration was a close second. roughly one in for latino voters said in the state immigration was their major reason for going to the poll. you can see how that is going to be benefiting barack obama in this election. interestingly while why catholics are more likely to vote for romney overall. they're still a gender gap. respect to the views on abortion, health and human services birth control method, religious freedom and the culture of dependency, it appears the bishops vocal opposition to the health and human services mandate is not something most dashing most catholics from supporting. at least when supplied to catholic hospital or universities. only a slight minority of catholic women and men support the health and h
association of latino elected and appointed officials known as naleo. from tuesday, the is 45 minutes. [inaudible conversations] be mac good morning. we're going to get started with their briefing this morning. the naleo found on election 2012. trenches association of latino elected and appointed officials. virtual organizations. one of the membership of the nation's latino public servants. serving schoolboys, city councils, commissions can the state legislatures it to members of congress and united states senate. the naleo educational fund is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization whose mission is to promote the full participation of latinas in the american political process. that includes encouraging residents become u.s. citizens, all u.s. citizens 18 years of age eligible to vote to be counted in the 2010 census as they did two years ago. we also provide training opportunities for latino elected and appointed officials and promote a policy framework to make sure participation in our electoral democracy is accessible to the teen spirit today will we'd like to do is share with you to
are not a slave state. we should be able to practice our law as we see fit. >>> and number of latino and african-american community leaders warned earlier this week that the republican party will become marginalized if it continues to ignore issues that are important to minority voters. this happened at the african american civil war museum here in washington. speakers including national council black women president faye williams, author lenny mcallister discuss the vote to suppress through voter i.d. laws popping up around the country. on the eve of the first presidential debate of 2012, our focus will be timely and important, and that is to discuss and highlight the impact of minorities and women on the 2012 presidential and legislative elections. tonight's inaugural event is being held before the first presidential debate between president barack obama and governor mitt romney. tonight's town hall meeting provides us with a unique and strategic opportunity to put our important and crucial minority vote front and center because this is about us, our families, our communities. it's about our f
was held in washington tuesday by the national association of latino elected and appointed officials also known as naleo. this is about 45 minutes. [inaudible conversations] >> good morning. we're going to get, we're going to get started with our briefing this morning. the presentation on election 201 by the naleo fund, the national association of latino elected and appointed officials. we're two organizations, one is a membership organization of ofe nation's latino public servants serving county commissions, state legislatures all the way up to members of congress and the united states senate. the naleo educational fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization whose mission is to promote the full participation of latinos in the american political process. that includes encouraging legal permanent residents to become u.s. citizens, encouraging all u.s. citizens 18 and older who are eligible to vote, we also provide training opportunities for latino elected and appointed officials, and we promote a policy framework to make sure that participation in our electoral democracy is acc
of all of the latino children are uninsured. all of the families, said it is a big win for us and the same for the african-american community, but it wasn't just for a specific community. i think that he shied away from those issues which is like for us we didn't get immigration reform done. >> final comment from hector. >> i just want to say talking about the most moving and humbling moment in life is when i was on the march where i had the [inaudible] where dr. king spoke almost 50 years ago. there was unique. but some of the comanches were marching with the african-american children singing together in the symbolism of coming together almost 50 years to fight for the same issue for the right to vote but also on the workers' rights and education is very important, and we need to keep focus on that level of unity because together we can for 30% of the piatt to become pie as we need to work together understanding each community with high priorities that reflect the interest of the common working class. >> i don't want 30% of the pie. i want at least 50. all right, folks, give
% of the vote among latino voters. african-american was like 95-4 or something like that and the poll has shown the african-american vote is rocksolid for the president and the numbers extremely high so lets let's just sort of assume rough parity with last time. but the question was, as you suggested the turnout levels among latino voters and i would add young voters very much questionable and when i have gone on campuses i cannot find a pulse. you saw a registration table registered to voters. there might be a couple of people behind the table to register people and nobody in front of the table registering. there's there is just no pulse there. is it safe to say that a seven-point margin becomes you know, six or five or four? sort of taking turnout down among these two groups? just by necessity this was going to be a lot closer. >> look in 2008, the president had to win this back. a seven-point margin for a democrat is big. that is a historic margin for a democrat. no, think all of us expected this to be a closer race. i think charlie the thing we should look for it now with early voting, we h
to congressman steve king first. >> according to this day datacenter of iowa latinos make up 5 percent of the state's population. the fourth district have latino populations of more than 10%. five other counties, including here, a population of more than 5%. congressman king, what is your plan to deal with illegal immigration while still making i a lot of warm and welcoming place for new immigrants? .. first of all, we need to remember that we are all god's children created in his image. there has to be dignity provided for all human beings, but the united states of america like any other nation, if we're going to be a nation, we have to have a border. if you don't protect the border and decided comes and goes, you're not a nation of all. at the center of this is the rule of law. the rule of law is one of the essential pillars of american exceptional as an. i stood clearly on that issue. most of the laws that we need out there, and i would add one more to it. it is called a new idea act is, and it is the new. the acronym stands for a illegal deductions act. breezy iras into the enforce
senate he's going to vote against it again. the latino families in the state and in this country deserve to have that dream act passed. deserve comprehension immigration reform, you crack down on employers that knowingly hire undocumented workers, and then you give people an opportunity to get to the back of the line and have some sort of legal status when they get to the front. and the old arizona law which is paper, please, that's a terrible discriminatory law. my opponent wants to bring it to nevada. heller: i say we agree and 80% of clinically the 20% we didn't agree. amnesty. that's what she supports at the end of the day. if you put a blanket amnesty down on the floor of the house of representatives, she would support. let's step back for just a moment. people come in -- the hispanic so, to my office, they are concerned about the dream act and the concerned about other things. they're concerned about their families, jobs. they're concerned about the education for the kids. these are the issues we have to solve unsolved for the hispanic community. they are unemployment again is half
population is latino, puerto rican and a diversity as well. so i got elected last november. there were four of us running in the election. it was a nonpartisan race on the local level so the top two vote getters went against each other in november. i won with 53% of the vote and i became mayor in january at the age of 22. and then i turned 23 and i will be 24 and january so i'm quickly getting up there. [laughter] it is a very stressful job at all so very very rewarding. there is nothing more special than being a mayor and a town or city that you're born and where your family still lives in your friends are there in the schools that you want who are still there and your teachers or if still teaching in the public schools. given my age are current our current school superintendent for example is my principal of the high school so it's been a really reporting experience and we are focused on four different issues in particular and that is education. we have a 53% graduation rate over four years so a lot of large urban centers around the country we do have challenges around education and our g
of thing. and republicans backing away from the latino community is divided down the strategy is any political party is ever a doubt it. >> i couldn't agree more. >> the skins in his own party were drowned them out. >> i don't believe they would. he's going to go to the convention. >> the were so do is if he will stay at home. >> can you receive the public convention no matter what he says on immigration? what is the downside? in terms of the general election, the people opposed to immigration are to vote for barack obama anyways. there's just no downside. the same thing is true for barack obama. both guys have 45% of the vote. they do. so you really arguing 10% or 15% last. and those people aren't ideologues. they have freelancers and they listen and that is what all of the attention should be. and i think a lot of people, all these packs, and spending, most of these people are wasting their money. there's so many ads in the swing states, everybody tunes out. you just can't pay attention. and it's spoken after slogan and eventually you're mine doles to the whole thing. >> on this hi
debate, he was trying to be more palatable to latino voters who see an anti-illegal immigrant stance as being one hostile to hispanic people. but it was mostly, it was aimed precisely at asians. .. this population is coming very, very fast. it's something republicans have to deal with going forward, but they still at least have a translation problem. the african-american population is a very slow growing population and that will affect elections going forward. henry? >> first the long white vote is crucial. he's going to lose the white vote. the question is the size of the margin. every mom white voter particularly hispanic or african-american is 80 to 85% likely to be a vote for him. that said, and ohio this is literally a black-and-white state there is no appreciable non-hispanic or asian population anywhere in ohio. early voting is exclusively focused on the african-american community. it said among non-whites which they had a 24% of the electorate president obama was carrying 79% which is what he did four years ago which was 95, 95% ahead of african-americans running ahead with h
with. let me say, look, i don't want anybody mistreated. i think our hispanic and latino friends are terrific people. we have to come up with solutions here. i believe romney will do that as president, i'm going help him. i'm in a position to the committee and on want finance committee. >> moderator: a rebuttal? howell: i wish you would help president obama inspect is the essence of the problem. he's only going to help president romney. ladies and gentlemen, this is what the problem is back there. we have become so isolated. i'm going work with governor romney who become president or president obama. we have to make sure that we tackle the problem. for 36 years my opponent has been back there, we haven't had an solution. in ibm in the position you don't fix the problem, you are terminated. >> moderator: go to the next question the ceo of the farm bureau. it will go to mr. howell. >> senator hatch, mr. -- howell good to be here. a burden for the financial well being what do you propose to do to reduce government spending, cut the debt and secure our national security for the futur
school where became the first latino to receive three graduate degrees from harvard. true to my promise, i came home as an er doctor at eisenhower medical center. i am living proof that the american dream. but for too many people, the american dream is endangered because washington is broken. too many workers have lost their jobs. too many retirees have lost their saving and too many students can't afford college. and congress and our congress on have lost touch with the people. instead of looking out for us, they are focused on partisan bickering, scoring political points of looking out for themselves and wealthy donors. congresswoman bono mack's response is more at the same. more bickering, more partisanship. and were looking out for yourself instead of us. instead of listening to people in proposing world solution, the congresswoman replies on the same partisan playbook that does nothing to create jobs or fixed income. watch tonight how many times you pass around empty phrases like liberal and big governments and nancy pelosi. every time you hear them, remind yourself, this is a lang
so many new jerseyans and immigrants and the latino community disproportionately affected, work for these businesses that will be affected. one out of six americans work in the private sector, work for a small business, so we can't let these tax rates go up and you talk about access to capital. you know we overregulate the banks. we had some problems on wall street obviously and these guys passed a big massive regulatory bill that now ensures that businesses cannot get their loans. they can't meet their payroll. people want to go and refinance her house and they can't do it. and so, communities, all communities are holding their breath that we can do something differently. these guys haven't passed a budget in three years so why should we be surprised that they haven't done anything about the fiscal cliff that is coming? and a shortage of capital in and the access to capital. menendez: i didn't hear an answer to your question so let me try. first there will be no tax increases on new jerseyans or americans in january because we will not allow the fiscal cliff to ultimately have
about the military service or whether it is his discussions of latinos or his attacks on the president. i am proud of my military service. its product line and and that's how i conduct myself to it i served my nation honorably. i've never called myself a hero and everyday i get up and i work every day to serve my nation because i have that to live up to. i have to make sure that i make the most of the second chance of life that i have and carry with the responsibility. it's up the mission, it's about getting the job done and making sure that you come together and decide for partisan vitriol that comes out, and my opponent is known for that and at "the chicago tribune" said he's a hyper partisan mega mouth. we don't need that in washington. >> moderator: me at the beginning of every town hall that i've had for two and a half years i recognize those that have served and i have called them hero's. the point that i've always tried to make is this great country is struggling right now. to run for congress you need to tell the voters what you believe and where you stand on issues and not jus
. churches volunteered in small towns to be sort of the mentors for these families. when many of our latino families came to the meatpacking plants there was no such buffer. at state level when tom was governor we created iowa centers that helped with all the issues an transition issues to fill the buffer. i think that is really interesting idea. i don't know exactly how you would move it forward but i think it is certainly an interesting thing to contemplate. >> moderator: go ahead. >> one more question on immigration, mr. king, yes or no are you planning to sue, in june you announced you wanted to sue president obama over change in policy that younger people would not be deported for a period of time. are you still planning that lawsuit? >> i believe that the president has violated the constitution just like tom vilsack did when he thought he could legislate by executive order. this president can not legislate by executive edict or memorandum. i intend to follow through on that. i ran into a few barriers because of the election. it was bogging people down. so the answer is yes. >> how soo
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